Young Driver Car Insurance Now Quoted for Motorists Aged 16 to 24 at Auto Company Website

New York, NY (PRWEB) January 31, 2014

Drivers can be more at risk for accidents when they are between the ages of 16 and 24, according to national insurance estimates. The Auto Pros company has developed one of the first independent research tools online to find insurance priciing and has updated this system to include young driver car insurance at

There are now more companies offering affordable rates for younger drivers and some of these rates are added to the system online. Drivers who are able to access this new online system can find rates that are sorted by a zip code. Every younger driver interested in reducing annual insurance premiums enters a zip code to start sorting agency rates.

One benefit to the quotes locator tool online is the regular policies for adults drivers that are found in the system. Adults can also use the system to locate a range of policy providers offering immediate rate quotes. All quotes sourced from the open tool online are accurate for 2014.

Our system is one of the first of its kind to allow access based on a zip code to search the entire U.S. for different insurance agencies offering discounts, said one source for the Auto Pros company.

The younger driver rates that are extracted from the system online also include more advanced policy rates. The customized plans that can include full coverage, SR22 and non owner are now quoted when using the digitized system for research. This is increasing the ways that more discounts can be found online.

Drivers who are able to enter their home zip code can begin sorting agencies to find discounts and to compare the actual policies that are offered from agencies, the source said.

The Auto Pros company is planning to develop additional search tools for U.S. motorists this year based on new research requests. The company insurance plans that are featured for open research online are in response to the recent warranty company search tool added.

The new research conducted at is offering more levels of vehicle protection from top agencies. This price quotes system is capable of connecting drivers with state and national warranty companies ready to provide policies.


The company is continuing its public access to its quotation systems this year to assist all drivers with finding insurance quotes. This company has launched its open access research systems to help with instant price discovery for insurance plans online. The company customer service staff help with customer service and other requests that are entered on the website or through the phone systems in place. The third party companies that provide the services found in the database programs are updated each month as new agencies are reviewed and entered for consumers to research online.

Automotix Provides Resources to Prevent Having a Broken Down Vehicle On Valentine’s Day

Kansas City, MO (PRWEB) January 30, 2014

It has been a harsh winter for many parts of the country. Each year there are approximately 580,000 winter weather related car crashes each year. Drivers looking to replace their dented fenders and have other repairs done after a winter wreck can save money by getting used and discounted parts from online retailers like Automotix.

Automotix helps people who may be paying more for repairs out of pocket by offering high quality used parts, says Gavin Heathcock, Director of Business Development and Sales for online car parts retailer Automotix.

Along with finding a large selection of body parts at Automotix, shoppers can order DIY repair manuals and receive insurance quotes. Used engines and transmissions are also available and come with a one year warranty and 90-day price match.

As unpredictable as winter weather can be, Heathcock recommends auto owners be proactive with their car maintenance to help prevent fender benders in bad weather. Little things such as having a good set of wipers, brake pads, and cleared light covers can go a long way in preventing a car accident.

The same goes for people who may be planning weekend getaways for Valentine’s Day. People should always do a quick check of the engine and tires before going on road trips. No one wants to be stranded on the side of the road in the middle of winter, Heathcock states. He suggests changing old filters, checking for worn out belts, and inspecting the tire tread and inflation.

Automotix ensures fast nationwide delivery for people needing to get their car working quickly, and international shipping is available too.

Now is the time to get your car repaired and ready before surprise late winter or early spring storms pop up,” Heatchcock says. “The importance of preventive care cannot be stressed enough.”

About Automotix

The Automotix team combines extensive experience in the automotive arena as well as online technologies, allowing sellers and buyers to procure cars, trucks and auto parts. Since the inception of the Wide World Web, we have been working closely with car dealers, classic car traders, car brokers, rebuilders, auto pools, auctions houses, insurance and fleet companies, trucking companies, auto parts suppliers, aftermarket car part distributors, salvage yards, car repair shops, mechanics, do-it-yourselfers and catalog providers. Learn more at

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Local Car Insurance Agent Quotes Offered to Drivers Online at Automotive Company Website

Flint, MI (PRWEB) January 28, 2014

Buying auto insurance from local agencies is one way that drivers use to bundle policy protection in the U.S. The Auto Pros company is now giving access online to its local car insurance agent quotes system at This local tool is available for research for thousands of U.S. counties online.

The local agency information that is now provided is supplied direct through licensed agents operating in the North American market. The full price for each policy as well as customized plans can be located through the search tool. This completely independent system is accessible when zip codes are entered at the local level.

The statewide research that the new tool provides is one helpful research strategy that motorists can depend on to find a local agent willing to match national company prices. The ability to find discounts using this tool is possible due to the addition of localized agencies.

“There are hundreds of local agents who are connected to larger companies that can offer lower rates for vehicle insurance compared to some retail rates published online,” said one Auto Pros company source.

The anonymous research that is granted for all users of the system is one phase of security upgrades made this year. The inclusion of the zip code sorting and matching feature is increasing the research that can be conducted privately online.

“Every local rate that is supplied to vehicle owners is based on the accurate information local agencies provide in the research system to provide easy ways to plan an insurance purchase,” said the source.

The Auto Pros company lookup tools online are increasing the information that average consumers can access without providing any form of contact information. The open system to find warranties is an alternative lookup tool now active in 2014.

This finder at is providing simple research for average drivers to find a suitable warranty program for any vehicle type. All price details supplied through this system are updated with accurate quotes data.


The company is one resource in North America online providing insurance industry research to the public. This company has compiled a list of agencies that are quoting policies through its search tool online. The company research tools on its website are now actively used daily by thousands of automobile owners to find adequate services for affordable prices. The company customer service staff help to offer support each day to consumers who request more information. The company toll-free number is now linked to support experts.

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Top Online Car Insurance Agency Rates Added to Quotation System for U.S. Automobile Owners Online

Baton Rouge, LA (PRWEB) January 25, 2014

New changes to the insurance industry this year is expected to create more competition between large and small companies, according to industry estimates. The Auto Pros company has made changes to its quotation system online to include top online car insurance agency rates for the new year at

These agency rates are now featured by leading agencies in the North American market that underwrite vehicle insurance plans. U.S. motorists who are accessing this system can now choose between the top agencies and smaller agencies in effort to compare new year prices online.

Every driver now has the option of viewing providers in their local area based on the zip codes that are entered when the search system online is used. This privacy feature is presenting a faster and more secure way to view provider pricing without calling companies by telephone.

“Our top provider list now added online is giving all drivers the chance to search pricing that some of the largest insurers are offering for comparisons with local agency rates,” said one source at the Auto Pros company.

The arrival of new companies has expanded the protection plans that motorists can choose when using the online insurer locator system. More liability, full coverage, modified and non owner plans are available for research online.

“The size of our provider network is helping to provide better research to average Americans who are actively seeking to compare rates for insurance online in a single location,” said the source.

The Auto Pros company is expected to continue its weekly updates to the price system announced for public use this year. As more providers are researched, these companies will be entered into the research system for instant access by motorists.

A solution to find warranty agency policies was added in late 2013 and is now featuring top companies at


The company is one resource that consumers are using online to locate inexpensive pricing for vehicle insurance plans for the North American market. This company is one of the top automotive portals now distributing helpful information to car owners. The company service staff participate in the research for different automotive providers each day. The company database programs that consumers access each day are updated with the newly researched content by company staff. A complete automotive parts resource database is now one phase of the 2014 modifications found on the company homepage.

Quote Car Insurance Online: New Insurer Research Tool Now Removes Phone Contact With Insurance Agents

Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) January 22, 2014

The time constraints that many consumers have for researching automobile insurance can limit the amount of research to find different insurance agency rates. The Auto Pros company is offering access to its tools online to help quote car insurance online for drivers at

This updated research tool now available for any North American motorist is virtually eliminating the traditional phone contact with insurance agencies. The phone work that many drivers conduct when researching different policies and pricing can require too much time for the average person to complete.

The completely automated research system online is now capable of generating a quote for any vehicle insurance policy type that exists in the locator system. This is expected to present more options for the American public when locating policies to purchase.

“Delivering insurance quotations by automation is a new concept that the Auto Pros company is offering to American motorists this year,” said a source at the Auto Pros company.

The different types of insurance information that are available to the American public through the locator system is enabling more drivers to conduct independent research. From policy declarations to exact pricing for each plan, any driver who is able to enter a zip code can access the company locator.

“The automated solutions that we are now offering in 2014 to the general public is creating easier research for immediately comparing different insurance agency plans,” said the source.

The Auto Pros company is currently planning additional upgrades to the insurance location service that will be announced later this year. Some insurers in the locator service are now able to quote warranty plans for owners of cars, SUVs or trucks who have no protection plans in place.

These providers at are now distributing price information to interested motorists seeking long-term warranty protection. All rates information that this system delivers is based on vehicle mileage and zip codes that are entered into the locator system.


The company is known for helping American motor vehicle owners quote vehicle insurance policies through its connected open access database online. This company researches different insurance agencies to help build up the amount of providers that consumers access. The company website provides resource tools online that relate to automotive solutions. The parts lookup services, warranty provider matching and other solutions are now used by thousands of U.S. motorists daily. The continued support for vehicle service solutions online is expected to continue over the next 12 months.

National Automotive Insurance Finder Now Displays Quote Data by State for Motorists Online

Montgomery, AL (PRWEB) January 21, 2014

The fluctuations for insurance policy pricing is one part of the research process average motorists encounter when reviewing different companies online. The Auto Pros company is now helping to produce accuracy in pricing for the new year online. This company is now displaying state pricing through its national automotive insurance finder at

All policy information that drivers can find when using this system is updated for the 2014 year. The plans that are located through the national finder include basic and advanced insurer plans that are customized based on driver needs. All displayed pricing is produced instantly upon the entry of a state level zip code.

Drivers who utilize the zip code comparison feature now online are expected to review the growing amount of state level agencies now quoting plans. The zip codes are used to calculate tax information and other city specific fees that are not typically included in most retail rates insurers quote drivers offline.

“The automatic display of pricing through our system online is our way of informing motorists of the discounts that are offered through each state in the U.S.,” said one source at the Auto Pros company.

The state level providers that are viewable when using the automated system online are now offering more than single liability plans. Insurance for car collectors like modified insurance, non owner insurance and full coverage are also part of the new quotes available this year.

“The quotes information that we’re offering online is accurately calculated from each insurance agency and a policy purchase option is available for drivers through each agency,” the source confirmed.

The Auto Pros company is helping drivers to find more than insurance in this new year online. A recently established search tool to locate the top warranty providers in the U.S. has been launched online. This finder at is now installed for online use.

Users of this extra vehicle coverage can find policies that are offered to cover American and foreign produced motor vehicles. The price quotes, policy data and ways to buy these policies are presented through use of this online finder.


The company is one national resource online that North American motor vehicle owners use daily to locate different services for vehicle maintenance and service. This company has constructed a database program capable of researching industry providers for pricing online. The company provides complete support for all services on its homepage through phone and online portals. The different providers that are offered in the company database are routinely evaluated and changed as other providers are located to expand company services for the public.