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KUYAHOORA - Discovering West Canada Valley
A big book, a really big book. In addition to re-discovering the history of the valley, KUYAHOORA features a wealth of information and photographs about fishing, hunting, logging, farming, wildlife, wildflowers, wonders of nature, hiking, snowshoeing, canoeing, camping, scenic and historic auto tours, and much more.

A field guide to one of New York's top ten trout streams, featuring 20 pages of maps showing the location of public fishing waters, and access sites for fishing and canoeing.

The most comprehensive book ever written on canoeing and fishing the rivers and streams of New York State.

It's Fun To Eat Cookbook
A recipe and cartoon filled cookbook for people who enjoy cooking, eating
 .  . . and laughing.

Discovering the Mohawk Valley

After publishing Kuyahoora - Discovering West Canada Valley, I started to work on a similar book on  the Mohawk Valley. In the past three years, in addition to reading dozens of books and studying old and new maps of the Valley, I've made a number of discovery trips, including exploring stretches of the river and tributaries on foot, by canoe and helicopter.
    This five-year project will result in a book that covers one of the most fascinating regions in the nation. Please join me while I discover the Mohawk Valley.

M. Paul Keesler began his long career as a writer in 1966 with a magazine article about fishing and canoeing on West Canada Creek. For several years he wrote the About Fish and Game column for the Utica Observer Dispatch.

In 1972 he founded the Mid York Sportsman magazine which became the New York Sportsman in 1975. In 1992 he retired as Editor of the magazine to devote more time to researching and writing books about New York State.

In 1995 he published Canoe-Fishing New York Rivers and Streams and in 1997 Guide to Fishing West Canada Creek and It's Tributaries. Keesler is also the author of the book One Quarter Mile To Go - The Bicentennial Re-creation of The March of the Tryon County Militia and The Battle of Oriskany, and the co-author of the New York Sportsman It's Fun To Eat Cookbook.

His most recent book, KUYAHOORA- Discovering West Canada Valley took seven years to complete. This
8 1/2 x 11, 288 page book features 168 color photographs, plus black and white photos, illustrations and maps about the history of the area and its many recreational opportunities.

Keesler is currently working on a book on the Mohawk Valley. He is creating MOHAWK- Discovering the Valley of the Crystals on the Web at:: http://www.paulkeeslerbooks.com/Mohawk.htm

Paul lives with his wife Gert and their two golden retrievers on the banks of West Canada Creek.

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